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    At Glenelg Podiatry Clinic

    we offer a range of professional podiatry services, including general foot care, orthotic therapy, arthritic foot care and more.
    Our team of dedicated podiatrists use only the most up-to-date and effective treatments,
    so you can always expect a high standard from our clinic.

    General foot care

    icon general foot care
    Whether you have nail problems or need help with hardened skin on your feet, Glenelg Podiatry Clinic can help with all types of general foot problems.
    From corns and calluses to ingrown toenails and more, our friendly team will help to restore your feet to their natural best using non-invasive techniques for your ultimate comfort.
    We aim to offer quick relief while minimising any pain, and we’ll always discuss and agree your treatment with you beforehand.

    Caring for young feet

    icon young feet

    It’s important to be aware of foot problems in children, as failure to deal with these can lead to more serious issues in later life. If your child complains of recurring pain their feet, legs or knees, then you should give us a call at Glenelg Podiatry Clinic. Alternatively, they might trip fairly frequently, or have a slightly askew gait when walking.

    If you notice any of these things, our team can assess your child’s feet and lower limbs for your peace of mind, and identify and treat any issues that may be present. With an early diagnosis, along with expert intervention and advice on how to handle it, we can help to correct any problems, ensuring your child doesn’t carry them forward into adulthood.

    Gait analysis

    icon gait analysis

    At Glenelg Podiatry Clinic, we have state-of-the-art equipment for assessing gait problems, so we can give an accurate analysis and diagnosis of any issues with the feet and lower limbs. Using this computerised video gait analysis equipment, we can study our patients’ movements by looking at video playback frame by frame.

    This allows us to pinpoint sports injuries and other trauma to the lower limbs, and can also be useful in assessing sports shoes for performance and suitability. By studying musculoskeletal and biomechanical foot and lower leg injuries in this way, we can ultimately provide our clients with a more accurate and personalised treatment plan.

    Orthoic therapy

    icon orthotic therapy

    To improve the function of your foot when walking, and to protect it from strain, orthotic therapy is the ideal solution for many of our clients. We can provide bespoke orthotics which fit snugly inside your footwear to support and align your feet, making movement more comfortable and relieving pressure on other parts of the body, including the knees, shins and lower back.

    Using specialised Orthotech 3D equipment and software, we can create custom orthotics which are designed and manufactured to suit your individual requirements. This includes soft and firm orthotics for all types of shoes and footwear, ensuring maximum control and comfort.

    Sports injuries

    icon sports injury

    If you play sports regularly, then your feet and lower limbs will come under constant strains and injuries can be common.

    We treat a wide range of sports-related injuries at our modern clinic, including heel pain, ankle sprain, achilles tendinitis, shin splints, knee, hip and lower back pain.

    Our podiatrists will help to realign your body using techniques such as electro-physical therapy, footwear assessment and orthotics.

    Arthritic care

    icon arthritic care

    Our podiatrists can help with any foot-related issues arising from arthritis, offering pain relief through electro-physical therapy, correct footwear advice, soft-orthotics and palliative care. People with rheumatoid arthritis can suffer from foot pain, stiffness and reduced joint movement as their immune system attacks the cartilage of the joints.

    Our treatment helps to improve overall foot function, making it more comfortable to move around and simultaneously safeguarding the skin and other tissues from further damage.

    Diabetic foot care

    icon diabetic care

    Foot problems can be common in people who have diabetes, as the skin is more susceptible to wear and tear due to the reduced sensation and blood flow in the feet. This also means that problems are often detected later than they should, and healing can be slower, putting the person at risk. Diabetic ulcers and more serious health issues can subsequently result.

    It’s therefore important to get your feet assessed regularly by your podiatrist and we can do this at Glenelg Podiatry Clinic. Our podiatrists will measure blood flow volume and pulse rate using Doppler Ultrasound and will identify early changes in nerve competency.

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